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Drinks in the dark

You will pay your drinks in the dark. Even this is a special experience. Before your dinner starts, you can change some money into coins which you then can easily feel while in the dark.

Wine accompaniment:
for each course of the menu a matching glass of wine
4 x 0,1l €15,00
Gaffel Kölsch 0,3l €3,00
Paulaner Hefeweizen 0,5l €5,00
Erdinger Hefe Alkoholfrei 0,5l €5,00
Grevensteiner 0,33l €3,50
Grimbergen blond, brown 0,33l €3,50
Evian, w/o gas 0,33l €3,00
Badoit, with gas 0,33l €3,00
Mineral water 0,75l €5,00
Coca Cola 0,2l €2,50
Coca Cola classic, zero 0,2l €2,50
Bluna lemonade 0,2l €2,50
Gaffel-Fassbrause Lemon 0,33l €3,00
Kölsches Wasser Pink, Orange, Green 0,33l €3,00
Wostok Pear-Rosemary 0,33l €3,00
Proviant Appel spritzer, Rhabarb spritzer 0,33l €3,00
Proviant Lemonade
Lemon, Orange, Lemon-Ginger
0,33l €3,00
White wine Chardonnay 0,25l €6,00
Red wine Merlot 0,25l €6,00
Digestifs 0,02l €3,50
Longdrinks 0,3l €6,00

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