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Taste!   Smell!   Feel!   Listen!

Course of events

With our experienced blind or visually impaired waiters your dinner in the dark becomes a real experience. Before you enter the dark we greet you with an aperitif, tickle your taste buds and explain the course of the evening.

Dann nehmen Sie im nur noch von ein paar Kerzen erleuchteten Speisesaal Platz, wo Sie sich selbst aus einer Karaffe mit Wasser bedienen können. Wir haben für Sie genügend 2-er-, 4-er- und 6-er-Tische aufgebaut, die wir auf Ihren Wunsch hin für größere Gruppen gerne zusammenschieben können.

Then you can sit in the dining room, lit only by a few candles, where you can serve yourself from a carafe of water. We have set up enough tables for 2, 4 and 6 persons and we can easily adjust for larger groups at your request.

Gabel auf 9 Uhr

Our blind waiters use the analog clock as example to explain the placement of the objects, so you can find them in the darkness. The fork is at 9 o'clock.

When all the guests have found their places, the candles are blown out and the first course is served. You dive right into a world of smells and noises, temperature and sensory impressions. The nose senses smells and aromas in great abundance. Your tongue senses intensively every bite of the menu. Your ears listen carefully to the background noise, into which music sounds blend now and then. Your waiter is always close to support you in this unfamiliar and exciting situation.

After your "Dinner in the Dark", stay in our cozy bar and chat while enjoying a delicious, freshly tapped Kölsch.

Bar in the unsicht-Bar Cologne

Have a cool Kölsch after your dinner in the dark!

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